The Two Days seminar cum workshop by JILT Engineering Academy on “Industrial Safety” at Gulbarga City.


Successfully completed The Two Days seminar cum workshop by JILT Engineering Academy on “Industrial Safety” at Gulbarga City.
JILT Engineering Academy conducted the two days seminar cum workshop on Industrial Safety on 6th and 7th February 2016 under the supervision of Mr. Abdul Raheem Chand the director of M/S Joudha Info Lingo Tech Pvt Ltd and Mr. A.M. Kaleem manager of the company in Gulbarga Branch. Candidates pursuing different technical courses were given detailed coverage in Industrial Safety and its immense scope in corporate sector.Mr. A.M.K Siddiqui, the program coordinator, gave the inaugural address to the candidates enlightening them about the scope and its significance in current job market. Mr. Nasir Kazi, assistant manager JILT Hyderabad division talked on the scope of professional courses in academics. Mr Abu Ubaid Siddiqui who is a senior safety advisor since many years in Qatar presented extensive demonstration on precautionary measures and risks involved in industry. He explains risks involved in apparent normal tasks like lifting of loads, the handling of equipment or chemicals. He cited that every condition needs to be scrutinized from safety point of view. This was further elaborated with informative slides and explanation. Talking of environment one needs to be always concerned in conserving the purity of the ecosystem. Pollution harm either directly or indirectly to other living beings too needs to be dealt professionally, he exemplified through audio visual demonstration.
Hence the crucial aspect of Health and Safety Executive gets more vivid thereby focusing into the value of industrial safety. The type of risks in confined spaces and identifying them all was told. Besides other topics like installation of safety structures and their reliability in terms of safety where safety of worker becomes even of more concern was told in detail. The installing of temporary safety structures and other measures were explained.
Under the social activity ”City Safety” of “MILLI SERVICES” with the initiation of JILT, the candidates submitted the pictures identifying the hazardous zones or situations in city. This would instill in them an acute sense of perceiving situations from the safety point of view. In collaboration with milli services, JILT yet again strove to cast its rectifying effect, by spreading awareness towards the civic management of the city as well, through this seminar cum workshop session. Mr.Habeebudin Huzif program convener selects the tow students for the “City Safety” Awards. In the conclusion the President of ‘Milli Services’’ Mr. Abu Umar Siddiqui presented prizes for entries and announced for three application certificates. The overwhelming response was witnessed by big turnout of students of Engineering,Diploma, I.T.I and other backgrounds as well.

The Establishment of J.I.L.T Engineering Consultants and Academy in Gulbarga


On the 27th of December, Sunday at 5:00 pm, the third branch of J.I.L.T Engineering Consultants and Academy in collaboration with Milli Services was inaugurated. The center was inaugurated by Dr Mohd Junaid Zakir , Assistant Professor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University.

On this occasion the President of Milli Services Mr Abu Umar Siddiqui, the Managing Director of Noble Infotech Mr Arshad Hussain, were also present.
The commencement of the program took by the Qirat of Mr Mohammad Muzammil. The program coordinator Syed Nasir Kazi gave the welcome address along with the introduction about the services,shedding light on their significance.
Mr Abu Mazhar Khalid Siddiqui gave introduction of the company in English and Urdu Language. Mr Abdul Raheem Chand presented forth the details of the courses of the Engineering Academy to the masses. Mr Arshad Hussain brought attention to the audience on the Government schemes and suggested to derive benefits from them.
In conclusion, the presiding address was given by Dr Junaid Zakir. He addressed by bringing attention on the importance of professional courses. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical branches, introduction of these, the fields in which,he guided to seek opportunities of employability and through J.I.L.T Engineering Consultants and Academy being source of placement, he advised students to benefit thoroughly from it.

Mudarris Launch


Hyderabad, October 13:The world is getting attracted towards Islam very fast and in such a situation it is essential to make use of the latest technological gadgets for teaching and learning of Arabic language. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while releasing the Arabic Software “Mudarris” on the occasion of the one day Seminar. He congratulated the producers of this Arabic software and told that the passion for learning Arabic is being increased among the younger generation which is appreciable. He informed that Siasat Urdu Daily linked the teaching of Arabic with the modern technology and prepared a course for reciting Quran. It distributed Arabic CDs throughout the world which is being used in many countries. He pointed out that no geographical boundaries of the countries can stop any good work. He advised JILT to make use of the latest technology to develop this Arabic software.
He further told that whether it is the tragic incident of the demolition of Babri Masjid in India or the 9/11 incident occurred in America have brought the people to Islam and the passion for knowing Arabic is on the increase. A large number of converts to Islam was recorded in America after the incident of 9/11.
Mr. Abu Mazhar Khalid Siddiqui gave the details of “Mudaris” software and said that this software has been organized in four stages. Its preparation was started in 2011. After various experimentations, this software was finalized. He further told that the first stage of the software consists of identification of Arabic letters whereas the second stage consists of their acquisition. In the third stage learning of conversation and in the fourth stage, fast reading of the text have been arranged. He told that an attempt has been made to link Arabic with modern technology. This software can also be used for teaching Arabic in classroom.
Dr. Mohammed Junaid Zakir, Asst. Professor of the Department of Translation Studies of Maulana Azad National Urdu University conducted the meeting. Mr. Mohammed Azhar apprised the audience with the aims and objectives of JILT. This software is priced at Rs. 999.